My Africa Association

Staff Writer: Josh Mousinho

“The ‘My Africa Show’ Is an exhibit of the cultures and themes of Africa and how they are blended with Western culture,” African Student Association President Ebuwa Asoro said.

The Fashion Show will display the unique attire in all of its categories. Evening, urban, and traditional wear are just examples of categories that will be shown. Members of the Chi Fraternity Edwin Logan and Caleb Wallace will also be performing a traditional African song during the show. The audience will also see another spectacular performance conducted by the Dance Team (Ankara).

The ASA is an organization that has been on the campus of GSW for more than two years. The organization is celebrating the “My Africa Show” for its second year in a row. The group hopes to keep this tradition going for many years to come. A few of the members from Ankara are graduating so this will be the groups’ last dance during the show with all of its original members. ASA as a whole is hoping to keep Ankara together and the organization even with the members that are leaving. The Advisor of ASA, Linda Randall, is going to keep advising the organization after the semester ends.

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