Keaton Wynn: Ceramics Professor at GSW Interview

Keaton Wynn: Professor & Head of Chinese Study abroad program of Art Department. Focus: Ceramics and Art History

Professor Wynn has been teaching at GSW for 9 years. He is the head of the study abroad program to China for the art department. The first trip to China was in 2009. “A major goal of mine is for students to be able to study abroad”, stated Professor Wynn. The trip varies from $2500 to $3000, but with fundraisers in cooperation with Pat’s Place and art sales, more students have the opportunity to go overseas.

Q: “Whom are your favorite artists that inspire you?”

A: Kathe Kollwitz, Joseph Beuys, and Robert Gober, none of which are ceramic artists!

Q: “How did you family react to you wanted to be an artist?”

A: My father was an artist as well as minister; they usually just said, “Go get ’em!”

Q: “What inspired you to be an artist?”

A: Nothing, I was always going to be an artist”, Prof. Wynn stated, “I remember painting when I was a kid in school and thinking, ‘I want to keep doing this’!

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