Interview with Golf Coach Darcy Donaldson

Q: What made you decide to coach golf at GSW?

A: I saw it online and it seemed like a right fit for me. I was at West Virginia and decided for a change.


Q: How has this year been with your golf team’s success?

A: Good, I am happy with it. This semester we sat down and decided upon four goals that we wanted to reach for the year and we are on track with them. I think this semester has gone well too because we are where we aimed for since we have started our season. With all the added adjustments- it has been a good year.


Q: Which professional golfer would you most want to play with at a tournament?

A: No question, Tiger Woods.


Q: What kind of training do you have for your players?

A: When we are in training we do work outs geared for golf in the gym. Things like core trunk work, toning, and running. Practice is for fine-tuning what is good and working on weaknesses to improve the players’ form overall.


Q: Where has been your favorite location that your team has gone to this semester?

A:  I really liked Miami and last year Kiawah was very nice as well.


Q: If you could play at any course in the world where would play?

A: Augusta, GA.


Q: Are you bringing any new player on next year?

A: Yeah, around 3-5. Two are from England and one is from Canada.


Q: What are your goals for next year with your golf team?

A:  The goals set for this year will probably be the same for next year; winning more tournaments, adjust the team scoring average, going to conference and regional, and make it to nationals.


Q: If you could sum up your teams’ semester or year in a couple of words, what would it be?

A: A success…




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